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Bed Bugs
The Pest Control Company is the best bed bug exterminator and removal services in Chicagoland area that you can hire without any second thoughts. From using Eco-friendly solutions to giving our clients complete satisfaction with cleaning, we ensure that our work remains at the top of the market.


Mice extermination is a common source of problems for numerous households in Chicagoland area. An infestation of mice can lead to damage to your furniture, electrical wiring, even to the walls of your property. Mice can transmit disease, too..


Our staff understands roach nature, making it easy to know which tools will be effective and which will not. We have the experience and knowledge to find the holes and cracks that allow cockroaches to slip into your home.



Whether you are in the suburbs or in Chicago, ant problems usually creep up during Spring or Summer. Our service uses non-toxic spray on the outside of your home, plus baiting to rid you of your pests.


All of the different types of wasps and bees in and around Chicago & Suburbs can cause structural damage because of their nesting and building activities.

Multiple Unit Dwellings

Multi-Unit Dwellings, such as hotels, motels, and apartment/condominium buildings require protection inside and out from unwanted pests. We eliminate flying and crawling pests from inside the premises. We remove pests from inside the property and trap outside vermins. We identify points of entry and use exclusion techniques to prevent future infestations.


​Food-Based Businesses

Food-based businesses, including restaurants and food processing businesses, as well as schools, healthcare facilities, hotels and other commerce where food is handled and served, require protection from crawling insects such as ants, roaches and spiders, and other invaders such as fleas, mice or other vermin.  We use products that are EPA registered and approved for hospitals, nursing homes and daycare facilities.


Office Buildings & Retail Spaces

Office buildings, retail spaces, and other public spaces require protection for pests of all kinds, seasonally or year-round. The Pest Control Company provides excellent customer service to identify and eliminate the pests while protecting the safety and health of the employees or outside visitors to the space.



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